Gregory Burks, President

Mark Burman, Treasurer

Barbara Osborn, Ph.D., Secretary
Director of Communications,
Office of Sheila Kuehl
Los Angeles County Supervisor, 3rd District

Whitney Davis-Houston, Esq.

Vinny Green
Educational Consultant

Naomi Seligman
Director of Communications,
Office of LA City Mayor Eric Garcetti

Judith Sydner-Gordon
Retired Educator

Keren M. Goldberg
Current Special Projects, Los Angeles
Department of Mental Health

Regina Jones
Corporate and Professional Strategist

Carletha Sterling
Student/Administrative Assistant

Tami Warren
Deputy Public Defender,
Office of the Public Defender, LA County

Marta C Lopez-Garza
Professor, Gender & Women’s Studies Department Chicana/o Studies Department California State University, Northridge

Julia Meltzer
Director, Clockshop

Barbara A. Rohr
Associate , Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP

Leah Daniels-Butler
Casting Director

Susan Burton
Founder & Executive Director

Tiffany Johnson
Associate Director & Community Organizer

Michael Towler

CT Turney-Lewis
Supervising Staff Attorney

Joshua Kim
Staff Attorney – Litigation

Pavithra Menon
Staff Attorney

Elie Miller
Staff Attorney

Mihal Ansik
Legal Fellow

Charsleen Poe
Re-Entry Legal Coordinator

Shulora Gonzales
Office Assistant & Receptionist

Ingrid Archie
Prop. 47 Specialist

Linda Washington
Distribution Center Manager

Icela Garcia
Distribution Center Assistant

Amber-Rose Howard
Community Organizer

Eric Villalpando
Community Outreach Specialist

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