All of Us or None

AOUON LOGOAll of Us or None is a national organizing initiative that seeks to build a movement to win full restoration of the human and civil rights of people with past convictions.

Co-founded in 2003, All of Us or None gives collective voice to people with criminal records in the policies that affect them. A New Way of Life is the convener and coordinator of All of Us or None’s Los Angeles chapter, and has also helped to establish chapters in Long Beach/Compton, Orange County, San Diego, Victorville, and (in collaboration with Time for Change Foundation), San Bernardino.  We must unite in passing Proposition 47 in November 2014, the Safe Neighborhoods & Schools Act.  Join our efforts in spreading the word:  YES on 47!  Prop47-FactSheet

At the forefront of All of Us or None’s work has been the campaign to Ban the Box. The Ban the Box campaign seeks to 1) remove the question that asks about conviction history from initial applications for public employment; 2) limit the number of positions for which a background check is required; and 3) require the same of private companies that contract with cities and counties.

Ban the Box is an important strategy to increase employment opportunities for people with past convictions by reducing unfair discrimination in the hiring process. It allows applicants with past convictions an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and experience alongside other applicants, ensuring that only recent convictions that are directly relevant to the job are considered.