re-entry housing

With services provided for less than half the cost of incarceration, on average, 8 out of every 10 women who embrace our services meet annual benchmarks identified as crucial to make successful community re-entries. A New Way of Life provides three stages of supportive services for our residents:

Welcome Home

Our staff helps residents obtain California ID and Social Security cards, apply for public assistance where appropriate and deal with debt, such as child support, that may have incurred while in prison. We support them in court appearances, reporting to parole officers and meeting the conditions of their parole or probation. For those in recovery, we embrace them in developing a plan for their sobriety, helping them find a sobriety sponsor and regularly participate together in Alcoholics, Cocaine and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the community, in addition to our weekly in-house meetings.


Once these basic needs have been met, A New Way of Life assists women in thinking about their futures, encouraging enrollment in educational classes and training programs and/or beginning to look for steady employment. We partner with nearby community-based organizations such as the Watts Labor Community Action Committee, California Department of Rehabilitation and the Maxine Waters
Employment Center for their expertise in employment and career development. For mothers, we help begin the often long and difficult process of rebuilding strong, healthy relationships with their children and regaining custody when and where appropriate.


Women stay at A New Way of Life as long as needed to build a strong foundation for independence. When they’re ready, we assist residents in searching for permanent housing and in establishing an independent, drug-free lifestyle. Many residents also participate in our leadership training programs to build confidence and skills

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