what we do

A New Way of Life advances multi-dimensional solutions to the effects of incarceration.

  • We provide housing and support to formerly incarcerated women for successful community re-entry, family reunification and individual healing.
  • We work to restore the civil rights of formerly incarcerated people.
  • We empower, organize and mobilize formerly incarcerated people as advocates for social change and personal transformation.

We envision a world where every person can make decisions for his/her own life, is accountable for those decisions and is valued as a contributing member of the community.

  • Every person has inherent value and holds the power of possibility and transformation within them.
  • Public resources are better invested in opportunities for transformation than on prisons and punishment.
  • Formerly incarcerated people must be at the forefront in creating solutions to the incarceration crisis.

Incarceration of one family member affects the entire family.  The healing process must involve families as well.

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